The Medico-Legal Centre in Sheffield is pleased to offer a unique lecture series in Coronial Law that is supported by the national Centre for Contemporary Coronial Law based at the University of Bolton. The course will be of use to people in a number of professions, particularly Coroners, Legal practitioners, Police, Coroner’s Officers, medical/health practitioners and medical examiners. The lecture series is linked to CPD and totals 18 hours.

This professionally focussed programme is designed to develop knowledge and understanding of Coronial law through the delivery of an intellectually stimulating course, which is underpinned by research and practice. This Coronial Law Lecture Series is designed to introduce you to the law relating to Coronial Law and aims to help you demonstrate a critical awareness of the legal framework applicable to coroner inquests. You will learn how to evaluate, analyse and critically appraise appropriate legal rules in different coroner inquest situations.

Those interested in attending the Sheffield Coronial Law Lecture Series 2020, should complete the registration form on the following webpage  

Please note the price of each session is £50 or for all six sessions £250. Payment information is outlined on the webpage, next to the registration form.  For any further questions contact (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).